The launch of Kinetic Super’s brand new website is another demonstration of its commitment towards making super more simple for its members and employers. And the result…a site that looks and feels like nothing you would expect from a leading superannuation provider.

Kinetic Super wanted a category-defining website that represented their brand energy and philosophy of innovation and market leading client service. Developed by Icon Agency, and led by the Kinetic Super Marketing team, the idea behind the website is to build a stronger synergy with the Fund’s above the line brand campaign.

Launched just over 12 months ago, Kinetic Super’s creative and visually striking brand awareness campaign has had significant impact while challenging the traditional perceptions of superannuation.

The campaign portrays Kinetic Super as a dynamic and energetic brand that demands attention and encourages people to break the lethargy they feel towards super.

The Kinetic Super website looks at best practice across industries, beyond super. It’s a complete customer centric result from the design to the customer journey. The website overhaul and relaunch was approached using an agile scoping, design and production technique allowing Kinetic Super and Icon the ability to test concepts and layouts down to the final days of the build.

Launched on 7 September 2015, Kinetic Super won the CSS Design Awards Website of the Day just two days later on 9 September.