Like any agency, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our clients. Each business has its own mission and goals so, in order to keep up with campaigns, releases, outreach and events, it’s important that we work together closely to ensure we all meet our targets. From the very beginning, we work to build a cohesive relationship that ensures expectations are achieved and frustration and miscommunication avoided.

So how does Icon Agency effectively manage our relationships with clients? Our PR team offers its approach to PR Daily’s top industry do’s and don’ts.

1. DON’T be afraid to say no. As an agency, it’s our job to take a step back and figure out what will have the most impact and hit the KPIs. Being honest and transparent, and sometimes saying no, can go a long way in building trust between agency and client.  

2. DON’T forget about education. While education is key in success in all industries, it’s particularly useful for agencies. We sometimes meet potential clients that aren’t familiar with our line of work and ask questions about what we do and how it’s different from an in-house marketing team.

So what’s our answer to these questions? Well, the Icon Agency team possess a range of experiences and staff skills as we’re all encompassing – from strategic comms to creative advertisements, user-friendly websites and everything in between. We guide clients with their multi-channel, multi-platform creative campaigns and solutions.

3. DON’T forget to encourage open communication between the team. A large part of our job is to work directly with the client on a day-to-day basis. In the beginning, or as soon as possible, we make sure the client knows the team they’ll be working with. Having daily contact with the same people also helps in developing a trusting, working relationship.

4. DO define the client’s responsibility. Yes, the client has responsibilities too. They’re the ones to provide us with company insight, figures, updated messaging, as well as is the spokesperson when it comes to media. We make sure to outline expectations from the beginning – and while we do the heavy lifting for the relationship, their support is still needed in the lead-up and throughout campaigns.

5. DO use real case studies to provide insight into success. We know the best way to get a point across is to use a case study.

Icon Agency has been around for a while and seen our fair share of hits. As such, we fully agree that case studies offer the best insight. What better way to determine campaign elements than by looking at previously successful ones to build upon?

6. DO create a schedule for deliverables. To help avoid miscommunication, we aim to set schedules for when clients will expect work. Occasionally work gets delayed, but sticking to the schedule is critical. Not only does this show that you’re responsible, but also holds us accountable when we’re planning our daily agendas.

Lastly, and perhaps the most importantly, DO what you’re supposed to. It’s essential to live up to the trust a client places in your agency to get work completed. Use your strengths and go out and fulfil your responsibility.