When you’re an online business, your search ranking can be your most valuable asset.

This was certainly the case for global accommodation booking website HomeAway.com.au when they approached icon.pr for advice on building their brand and search ranking in Australia.

Drawing on the agency’s strength in search PR, the team at icon.pr had the unique combination of skills necessary to execute the savvy, targeted approaches to secure coverage in top tier digital media while concurrently capitalising on the SEO component of the campaign.  

The majority of the media relations activity focused on promoting HomeAway.com.au as an industry leader. This meant creating sharable content that positioned HomeAway as trustworthy experts across a range of relevant topics and issues.

Overall more than 25 feature opportunities were secured from December 2013 through July 2014, reaching an audience in excess of 10 million and generating around $450,000 in estimated editorial value for a ROI of 8:1.

icon.pr achieved these remarkable outcomes by leveraging seasonal trends, upcoming holiday periods, corporate announcements and other relevant travel and property news.

Coverage highlights included articles on News.com.au, Daily Telegraph, Adelaide Advertiser, Polka Dot Bride, Mouths of Mums, eGlobal Travel, KarryOn and Motherpedia as well as various placements in the Herald Sun, Money Magazine and Country Home Ideas.

Throughout the campaign, there were challenges for icon.pr due to changes to Google algorithms, which meant that old tactics could penalise rankings instead of improving them.

Nevertheless, icon.pr was able to successfully overcome these obstacles through the team’s experience in developing and implementing strategies utilising the latest tactics to increase search engine rankings.

A critical component of achieving optimum results was ensuring backlinks were included in all media coverage. Where backlinks couldn’t be inserted, citations were also considered an acceptable supportive mechanism.

Over the past eight months, the HomeAway.com.au brand and its portfolio of domestic and international properties have gained significant media exposure and SEO uplift.