As littering and litter reports tend to increase during summer months, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and Sustainability Victoria (SV) wanted to raise awareness of the impacts of litter on land and water, specifically to beachgoers and a regional audience affected by bushfires.


Despite EPA Victoria’s successful and internationally recognised framework for preventing and managing litter, it remains an enduring issue that costs the state millions of dollars each year to clean up. EPA and SV engaged Icon.Inc and sister agency to address behavioural change and activate awareness of the campaign launch.

EPA | Sustainability Victoria Summer Litter campaigns


Icon devised an integrated campaign that leveraged a “wow factor” stunt and high profile Ministerial launch event to drive online engagement, supported by a media program spanning radio, outdoor, ambient and digital. Rather than solely focusing on penalties associated with getting caught littering, Icon implemented a fresh campaign that worked to educate Victorians about the impacts of littering Victoria’s beaches, waterways and bush. The campaign’s centrepiece was an 18 cubic metre Perspex box filled with litter to represent the amount of rubbish that 300 Victorians generate in just one year. The box featured statistics about the impact of litter on beaches and waterways and call-to-action messages. Through this strategic mix Icon set out to communicate to all Victorians that they have a significant and positive role to play in reducing the impacts of litter, and encourage Victorians to download the EPA Report Litter App.